Rednock BSF Pathfinder School

Client   Gloucestershire County Council

Value   £29 000 000

Architects   cube_design

Rednock School won the regional RIBA Awards in May 2010

1250 place school plus a 250 place 6th form and sports facilities

Sustainability & renewables used • Storm water recycling • Photovoltaic panels • Solar hot water panels • Wind turbine • Biomass boilers • Green roofs • Natural (single sided) ventilation • Natural daylight

Quote by the PfS “We were all very impressed with the quality of the spaces, the level of daylight, the calm atmosphere, good level of ventilation and good acoustics”

BREEAM Education “Excellent” predicted

Quote: “We were impressed that the school has achieved a BREEAM score of 75.13, the current highest score Partnerships for Schools has seen is 74.95 (out of ~84 schools in the UK)”

Building Emission Rating (BER) 10.0 kg CO2 /sq m annum

Target Emission Rate (TER) 20.56 kg CO2 /sq m annum